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Find out why HOST Park is the ideal home for your project, offering a unique blend of resources, location, and collaborative community

HOST Park gateway center
Space for Innovative Projects

Join the Legacy of Excellence and Innovation at HOST Park

Over the years, NELHA and its tenants have earned a collective reputation for scientific integrity, high-quality products, innovation and commitment to excellence and sustainability. NELHA’s HOST Park currently has some space available for promising energy and/or ocean-related projects. Below are just a few reasons to launch with us.

Makai OTEC demonstration tower
Symbrosia lab
All-in-One Innovation Hub

Everything You Need in One Place

Our unique array of resources and facilities exists to foster promising innovators in energy and ocean-related research and development in an environment built for success. Find the following and more:

Pristine Warm & Cold Sea Water
Offices, Labs, Incubation Spaces
Master Permitted Leasable Land
Thriving Community

Ideal Location

Keāhole Point's low rainfall, high insolation, and lack of runoff make it the perfect spot to conduct research and development on ocean and solar technologies. The seawater we pump is some of the most pristine in the world.

HOST Park coastline
HOST Park high solar insolation
HOST Park coastline

Our Seawater Supply System

The HOST Park seawater supply system is the only one of its size and capacity in the world. The cold seawater supply pipes are the deepest largest diameter pipelines in the world. Sea water rates range from 20.62 cents per 1000 gallons to 80 cents per 1000 gallons depending on project elevation. The seawater rates are adjusted each month by a fluctuating energy surcharge.

HOST Park seawater pumping map
Empowering Innovation, Fostering Connections

A Nexus of Innovation, Collaboration, and Education

HOST Park transcends the ordinary, offering a unique blend of dynamic community engagement, collaborative ecosystems, and educational partnerships. It's a place where innovative ideas flourish, connections are forged beyond physical boundaries, and the next generation of leaders is nurtured. This holistic approach makes HOST Park much more than a location—it's a thriving hub where the future of ocean-related fields and renewable energy is shaped by collective expertise and visionary thinking.

HOST Park collaborative environment
Dynamic Community and Idea Incubation

Beyond just infrastructure and natural resources, HOST Park is renowned for its dynamic community where ideas aren't just born — they flourish. It’s a place where creativity meets collaboration, fostering an environment where innovative concepts are nurtured and developed into tangible solutions. This thriving community is the backbone of HOST Park, making it more than just a location, but a hub of progressive thinking.

HOST Park collaborative environment
Collaborative Ecosystem Beyond Physical Space

Our vision of collaboration extends beyond the boundaries of physical space. HOST Park is committed to fostering an ecosystem where partnerships and networking are as integral as the facilities themselves. This holistic approach to collaboration ensures that businesses, researchers, and entrepreneurs at HOST Park are not working in isolation but are part of a larger, interactive community, driving forward together.

Terraformation greenhouse
Engagement with Educational Institutions

Understanding the importance of nurturing talent, HOST Park actively engages with educational institutions. This initiative is crucial in ensuring the upcoming generation is aware of and equipped to engage with the ocean economy's vast opportunities. By bridging the gap between academic learning and real-world application, HOST Park plays a pivotal role in shaping future innovators and leaders in ocean-related fields

Hit The Ground Running

Timely Integration

We want launching with us to be easy. That's why all 870 acres of land at HOST Park are master-permitted, allowing project implementation within a short time frame, and why we strive for turn-key, hassle-free research campus leases.