Unlocking Potential at HOST Park

Discover HOST Park's Unique Assets for Innovation

Delve into the array of unparalleled resources and opportunities that make HOST Park an ideal destination for cutting-edge energy and oceanic research.

Aerial view of HOST Park
Fueling Innovation in One Vibrant Location

Diverse Assets for Sustainable Success

HOST Park offers a unique blend of natural conditions, expert collaboration, state-of-the-art facilities, and business support in one dynamic hub, setting the stage for success in renewable energy and innovative ventures

HOST Park area
HOST Park Area
870 Acres on the Land
Research Corridor
3290 Acres in the Ocean
High Solar Insolation
Same as Phoenix, AZ
Pristine Nearshore Ocean
Due to no land runoff

Ocean Assets

Unique Seawater Supply System at HOST Park

World's Only Three-Pipe Seawater Delivery System

HOST Park’s Ocean Research Corridor provides 3,290 acres, and Class AA seawater. Our Seawater Supply System is the only one of its size and capacity in the world. There’s no other place with a three-pipe seawater delivery system available on demand 24/7, pumping more than 20 million gallons a day. Our dual water pumping systems harness both deep sea and surface water, creating a thermal differential ideal for a multitude of applications.

HOST Park pumping facility
HOST Park seawater pumping map
Makai OTEC demonstration tower
Innovative Water-Based Ventures at HOST Park

Harnessing Seawater for Food Security and Advanced R&D

High-quality seawater brought to land in high quantities provides access for exciting food security ventures like aquaculture, as well as for the research and development of promising new technologies such as ocean thermal energy conversion (OTEC) and the production of jet fuel from seawater.


Sky Assets

Abundant Sunshine at HOST Park

Optimal Solar Energy Conditions for Innovation

HOST Park basks beneath a resolute barrage of photons—a consistency of sunshine on par with that of a desert. Complement this with a controlled environment and minimal rainfall, and you've got an ideal spot for consistent sourcing of solar energy. Companies at the Park, like LightManufacturing and Integrated Offgrid, are able to leverage this abundant resource for innovative renewable energy technologies, including solar-powered "tiny homes" and the production of unique products from 100% solar power.

LightManufacturing facility

Land Assets

Makai Ocean Engineering heat exchange tech
Streamlined Resources for Innovators

Fast-Track Your Ventures at HOST Park

HOST Park's 870 acres of land is a streamlined resource for new and growing companies investing in renewables. Our master-permitting process ensures you'll bypass the usual regulatory mazes for land use, meaning you can get to work right away on what matters: bringing your pioneering visions to life.

870 Total Acres
Master Permitted

the park

Unique Seawater Supply System at HOST Park

Infrastructure for a Thriving Community of Innovators

Our park is where it all comes together—the beating heart of innovation and community at NELHA. Companies investing in the future with ocean renewables, ocean conservation, solar energy, and food security will find everything they need at HOST Park for a timely and successful launch, all ready to go with single-day turn-key move-ins and master-permitted land. State-of-the-art facilities include two research campuses; an outdoor demonstration site; wetlabs; 15,000 square feet of office, lab and conference rooms; ample storage space; and much more, all conveniently located close to an international airport in the vibrant town of Kailua-Kona.

HOST Park facility
Blue Ocean Mariculture offshore facilities
Fostering a Collaborative Community

Thrive in HOST Park's Ecosystem of Innovation

Thanks in part to this bounty, the park hosts a vibrant community ecosystem where ideas flourish and cross-pollinate, and ambitions act as fuel for other ambitions. Clients don't just occupy space; they immerse in a thriving network, exchanging insights and fostering mutual growth.


A Closer Look at Our Research Campuses

We provide two research campuses—our Main Campus, and our new Mauka Incubator and Office Space Campus—which sit on a total of nine acres and boast state-of-the-art facilities, high quality testing sites, vast storage, comfortable office space, areas for seminars and conferences, ample parking, and more.

Main research campus

6A Master Permitted

On shoreline w/ ready ocean access

Surface and deep ocean water available

Short term leases by square foot

Incubator Office Building (14,000 sf)

WetLab (4,000 sf)

Covered Storage Space ( 6,000 sf)


Small college campus atmosphere

Assets include SCADA, PV and ESS Testbed; OTEC; H2 Production, Storage and Fueling

Aerial view of HOST Park

Mauka Research / New Incubator and Office Space Campus

3.1 acres and is secured by a fence

High-cube building (28,100 sf)

Warehouse space (24,800 sf)

Office space (3,300 sf)

Two full-size trailer back-in bays and 1 loading bay

One covered outdoor storage tent

105,364 sf of the site (78%) is paved parking

Clean Rooms have been FDA and EPA certified

Water quality lab

Upstairs has kitchenette, bathroom, 3 large rooms

Downstairs has lobby, kitchenette, and bathroom

HOST Park technology incubator