Discover HOST Park

Embark on a journey of discovery at HOST Park, a thriving hub that brings together cutting-edge technology, visionary minds, and sustainable solutions to shape the future.

HOST Park desalination facility
HOST Park lower research center
A golden sun sets off the coast of HOST Park
Aerial view of HOST Park
HOST Park entrance by the Gateway Center
Blue Ocean Mariculture offshore facilities
NELHA water quality control
Sea Salts of Hawaii showroom
Embracing Challenges, Crafting Solutions

Innovation at HOST Park is Beyond Boundaries

In the evolving landscape of human progress, HOST Park stands distinct, reminiscent of today's ambitious 'moonshot' projects. This enclave is a thriving hub of audacious innovation, echoing the bold spirit of modern pioneering ventures.

Here, vast challenges—like sustainable energy, reducing greenhouse emissions, and ensuring food security—are met head-on. At HOST Park, it isn't just about identifying problems; it's a dedicated pursuit of groundbreaking solutions.

HOST Park Gateway Center
HOST Park Hale Iako aerial
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Virtual Exploration of HOST Park's Wonders

Step into the world of HOST Park with just a click. Our virtual tour brings to life the vibrant ecosystem of innovation and sustainability through stunning images and immersive 360 panoramas. Experience the cutting-edge developments and serene natural beauty of HOST Park as if you were there. Dive into the heart of technology and eco-innovation without leaving your home. Start your virtual adventure today and see where the future is being shaped.

Explore HOST Park's Rich Tapestry

HOST Park Aerial View looking towards Hualalai

Discover KeĀhole's Natural Beauty

Uncover the wonders of Keāhole Point, where nature's beauty meets cutting-edge research. Learn about the unique environment that makes HOST Park a haven for innovation and ecological harmony.
OTEC pipe historical

Journey Through Our Legacy

Dive into the dynamic history of HOST Park. From its early beginnings to its current status as a leader in sustainable technology, uncover the milestones that have shaped our pioneering spirit and our vision for the future.
NELHA Keena Hana building

Meet the Force Behind HOST Park

Get to know NELHA, the driving force behind HOST Park's success. Discover how their vision and leadership have fostered a thriving community dedicated to environmental stewardship and technological advancement.

A Glimpse of Our Assets
Where Dreams Take Shape

Witness the visual symphony of assets that make HOST Park a beacon of progress. From state-of-the-art facilities to revolutionary projects, every corner echoes with the promise of innovation.

Visit Host Park

Explore HOST Park's unique marine ventures with client-led tours including Sea Salts of Hawaiʻi, Big Island Abalone Farm, and the enchanting Ocean Rider Sea Horse Farm. Discover traditional salt harvesting, innovative abalone cultivation, and the mystical world of seahorses and sea dragons on these captivating guided journeys.