Acknowledging the Artisans Behind the Scenes

project Credits

Joey and Alan of Tetrachrome
Crafted with Excellence by Tetrachrome

The HOST Park website's captivating visuals and interactive experience are the result of the collaborative efforts of Tetrachrome's talented team. Here, we honor the distinct contributions of each partner in their respective fields.

Photography and Drone Capture by Andrew Richard Hara

Andrew Richard Hara’s extensive role in capturing HOST Park extends beyond traditional photography to include drone capture, utilizing his skills as a licensed Part 107 Drone Operator. His aerial work, both from drones and high-altitude helicopter shots, offers a unique perspective on the park, showcasing its grandeur and innovation. These striking images and videos, encompassing everything from panoramic vistas to detailed close-ups, will play a pivotal role in NELHA’s future marketing campaigns, vividly illustrating the park's scope and impact.

Videography by Andrew Richard Hara and Joey Trisolini

The videography for HOST Park is a collaborative achievement between Andrew Richard Hara and Joey Trisolini. Andrew's co-videography skills, coupled with Joey's cinematic expertise as a Red Operator, have resulted in compelling visual narratives. Their combined efforts in filming and editing have brought the stories of HOST Park to life with cinematic quality and depth.

Design and Virtual Tour by Alan Ohara

Alan Ohara has skillfully orchestrated the digital landscape of, from the intricate design of this website built in Webflow to the creation of an immersive Virtual Tour on Momento360. His work in developing the HOST Park logo and various animations showcases a harmonious blend of artistic creativity and technical prowess. Alan's innovative approaches to design, utilizing a range of technical processes, have transformed complex concepts into a tangible, engaging online experience, making HOST Park's digital identity both unique and interactive.

Together, Andrew Richard Hara, Joey Trisolini, and Alan Ohara have not only enhanced HOST Park's visual appeal but have also effectively communicated its ethos of sustainability and innovation through their respective art forms.