Nature's Resurgence: Terraformation's Quest for Ecological Balance

In the ever-intertwining fabric of our planet's ecosystems, Terraformation perceives a profound interconnectedness, recognizing the domino effect that starts from the heart of a forest to the vastness of our seas. Their purpose, deeply rooted in the revival of native forests and intricate ecosystems, aligns seamlessly with the ethos of HOST Park. Their partnership with institutions like Arizona State University amplifies their reach, diving deep into the intricacies of both terrestrial and aquatic realms. At the crux of their mission lies the seed bank—a testament to the importance of preserving our planet's genetic blueprints. But Terraformation's vision extends beyond preservation. It's about large-scale projects, community involvement, and nurturing an appreciation for nature's unparalleled bounty.

Kate Logan
Head of Business Development Hawaii | Terraformation
Video Transcript

We see the interconnectedness of everything, how plants and trees affect healthy soil and rain and weather patterns can be assimilated to the ecosystem here at HOST Park. Our mission is to help mitigate climate change through native forest restoration and complex biodiverse ecosystems. It's important for Terraformation to be part of an ecosystem to the one here at HOST Park because I see it as a microcosm of the work that we're doing around the planet.

Our partnership with Arizona State University focuses on projects where we work on the land, and Dr. Greg Asner works on the coral reef. HOST Park not only is it a campus focused around sustainability, but gives us an opportunity for assets like deep ocean sea water, and to be part of a larger scientific community.

Islands feel the impacts of climate change more rapidly than most places in the world. We have an opportunity to really be a lighthouse to secure and ensure plants and coral that are threatened and endangered. Seeds are one of the major bottlenecks. Our seed bank enables us to collect seeds, to document the seeds using a software we've created, which is open source called Terraware, and then track the seeds journey from collection to nursery management and then out planting.

So success for us would be to have large scale projects that integrate multi-stakeholders, provide opportunities for the community to either engage or explore the work we're doing and learn about and become inspired by nature and what nature has to offer to all of us.

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